Monday, January 1, 2018

17 highlights from 2017

Thinking back, 2017 was the best year of my life so far. So much happened -- and my experiences grew me. I am left happy and grateful.

Here are 17 highlights from 2017 (in no particular order):
1. Graduating--didn't realize how much of accomplishment it was until my entire family came out to support me on graduation day, woo!
2.  Skydiving--yes, it feels like dying.
3.  Discovering the open mic and comedy scene in DC.
4.  Getting a promotion at work--now a Multimedia Producer!
5.  Going to a Tash Sultana concert.
6.  Building stronger relationships with my friends.
7. Travelling to France and speaking French (little-known fact, I minored in French in college).
8. Cliff diving.
9. Discovering the lo-fi hip-hop playlist on Spotify, so good, just so good.
10. Weightlifting.
11. Receiving awards for my work in New York City!
12. Travelling to Kenya. It was my first time in 10 years visiting.
13. Working as TA for photography classes--my students were so talented <3
14. Creating work that I am very very proud of!
15. Finding my independence
16. Reading more books
17. Backpacking through Europe, 10 countries, woo!

This is only the beginning for me!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Tonight you’re perfect

A killer show by 311 at the Fillmore on Tuesday. It was the second day of their two-day stop in the DMV. They performed with special guests New Politics (a band I have loved for ages). If you are not familiar with their music, I made a short playlist of some of my personal favorites.
So cool to see their show, even cooler to shoot it. I am incredibly happy with the photos I took, these are a few:

Saturday, July 15, 2017

"Stop Killing Black Trans Women"

The terror hit really close to home recently when a transgender woman was attacked with candles and hit with a metal baseball bat in D.C. And just a few days before that, a local trans woman was attacked with fireworks on the fourth of July. The incidents created a public outcry. Dozens of people gathered at Freedom Plaza on the hottest day of the summer to protest transphobia in the District.

These are some photos from that protest and some stories from the attendees.

"Trans women of color are human beings and we love them. We need to protect anyone that we love." -Sheva Diagne (middle), 31, DC

"The anger poured out against trans women is misguided. Trans women are not the problem. We are living our own lives. The problem with not having enough quality jobs, not having affordable housing in the black community, social services that are being slashed by the Trump administration...that is not a transgender problem. We could be part of the solution as opposed to taking it out on us." 
-Dee Curry, 62, DC

"It's terrible that we have to rally and feel that we have no other options for safety but ourselves." 
-Monroe Poston, 30, DC

How does it make you feel when you hear about violent attacks against trans women of color? 
"Sad and scared, especially as another trans person. Trans women of color have it much worse than trans men but it makes me sad." -Annis Roberts-Terry, 21, DC

"No pride in police violence. No pride in police violence." 

Protesters chant "No Justice, No Pride," down Pennsylvania Ave in solidarity with Transgender women of color who have been victims of violent crime in recent weeks.

"I think if we had more dialog, it would decrease the phobia people have against transgender people, homosexual people and all of that." -Star Clark, 32, Maryland 

"We want an intersectional movement that represents all people." -Ntebo Mokuena, 21, Maryland
"Silence is violence because it creates an environment where catcalling, misgendering, name-calling, these little micro aggressions are acceptable. And it creates a culture where it okay." -Lourdes Ashley Hunter, 41, DC
Sign: "This whole d*** cis-tem is guilty as hell."

"No one talks about trans issues and we are drawing attention to something that is often overlooked. No one pays attention to the deaths of trans women of color." 
-Ale Jacinto, they/them pronouns, 26, Chicago

Friday, May 12, 2017

Walking on a Dream

I shot the Empire of the Sun Concert in D.C. on May 11th and it was absolutely amazing. So many colors, lights, and smoke--it was breathtaking.Whittling down my photos to my top 10 or 20 favorites was difficult, but I did it.  These are a few of the best moments of the show, including the moment when the inventor of dub Lee "scratch" Perry and Luke joined Luke Steele on stage.

You can also see more of my photos on WUSA9.

Here's a playlist of some of my favorite Empire of the Sun songs. If you haven't already heard their music, I promise, you will fall in love: