Monday, January 1, 2018

17 highlights from 2017

Thinking back, 2017 was the best year of my life so far. So much happened -- and my experiences grew me. I am left happy and grateful.

Here are 17 highlights from 2017 (in no particular order):
1. Graduating--didn't realize how much of accomplishment it was until my entire family came out to support me on graduation day, woo!
2.  Skydiving--yes, it feels like dying.
3.  Discovering the open mic and comedy scene in DC.
4.  Getting a promotion at work--now a Multimedia Producer!
5.  Going to a Tash Sultana concert.
6.  Building stronger relationships with my friends.
7. Travelling to France and speaking French (little-known fact, I minored in French in college).
8. Cliff diving.
9. Discovering the lo-fi hip-hop playlist on Spotify, so good, just so good.
10. Weightlifting.
11. Receiving awards for my work in New York City!
12. Travelling to Kenya. It was my first time in 10 years visiting.
13. Working as TA for photography classes--my students were so talented <3
14. Creating work that I am very very proud of!
15. Finding my independence
16. Reading more books
17. Backpacking through Europe, 10 countries, woo!

This is only the beginning for me!